Artist Statement

I have spent my career photographing the pregnant woman. With this series, I am studying her body as if I were a landscape photographer. Using different kinds of light, black and white film, I print the images large, creating something foreign, yet familiar, unique, yet similar.

The pregnant woman, and her womb, demand examination and discussion. I have a strong desire to protect them from what I see as a siege of forces looking to undermine her health and well being. She is surrounded by debate of ownership as politicians, corporations and society try to usurp a woman’s control. As the environment, our food and water, become more polluted, genetically modified and tainted with pesticides, the mother, her womb, her unborn child, and her breast milk are all threatened. Furthermore, as more women are choosing to become pregnant later in life, the path to motherhood is becoming expensive because of fertility procedures thus alienating women without the financial means.

These landscapes are just the start of this diverse conversation.