Artist Statement

When I first photographed a pregnant woman 17 years ago I was in awe. Her shape, form, and curves were an unfamiliar landscape not commonly seen in art history and photography classes, books, museums or society. I saw beauty in this body, this body that was a vessel of life, a sacred form representing a holding place between heaven and earth. I became passionate about revealing the pregnant female body in the United States, offering the viewer the opportunity to study this female body shape up close. It became my mission to challenge and expand American society’s definition of beauty.

Each woman here shows a unique combination of strength and vulnerability as she opens to the camera and exposes the transformation of her physical and emotional body. I saw the female body in a new way 17 years ago and I hope you will too. For when a child is born, so too is a mother.

You can read about many of these women’s journey of transformation in my book Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother.